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Welcome to My Dental Home

My Dental Home refers to the historical Victorian home where Dr. Kevin F. Brown has chosen to establish his General Dental practice. Our goal is to help you enhance and preserve your beautiful, healthy smile.

At My Dental Home, the family (our team) led by Dr. Kevin F. Brown are dedicated to providing comprehensive care, in an historic, Victorian heritage home. Don't let the quaint decor fool you. Although built in 1885, the house is packed to the rafters with current technology, such as Cerec 3D restorations, Intraoral camera, Panoramic Xray, EDI and Digital X-Rays. Enjoy the comforts of home while experiencing the technology of the 21st century.

Make informed choices for your dental health with the support of your dental family. These team members dedicate themselves to continuing education and enthusiastically share their knowledge. Inquire about the wide range of services provided.

There's no place like home, so we are looking forward to seeing your smile at My Dental Home.

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My Dental Home

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