Invisable Braces

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When we think about a beautiful smile, we often think about straight white teeth. But a beautiful smile is, in all honesty, a healthy smile. Our view of beauty is perhaps influenced by the media and cultural views of what is acceptable or not. A smile can give us a lot of confidence. Some of us who have had braces in the past know that there is nothing more exciting than the day when the braces finally come off!

As a dentist, I can see the advantages to “straight teeth”. Periodontal disease, an epidemic in our society, has been linked to numerous chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The best way to prevent periodontal disease is to prevent the accumulation of bacteria around teeth and the gingival tissues.

It is extremely difficult to maintain a low bacterial environment in areas that we cannot reach. Teeth crowding is the perfect bacterial trap! Toothbrush or floss cannot get into those sites. As we all know, in-office hygiene visits are essential for the maintenance of a healthy mouth. Yet, one of the most important things that you can do is continuing that care at home. It is easier to floss and brush with straight teeth.

Having a healthy oral environment is essential to your overall health. We often forget that our mouths are linked to our bodies. But how can we straighten teeth? I often hear from my patients “I am too old for braces, I am to old to have straight teeth”. My answer to them is always the same “you are never too old to be healthier, never to old to smile…and it has never been easier to have straight teeth than today!”

Invisalign are clear trays (aligners) that over a period of time move your teeth. The technology is amazing! And best of all, there is no pain, no injections, no drilling! If you ever thought you wanted a better healthier smile, why not come for a consultation and see what your options are?

See you soon!

Dr. Adriana Gomez

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