Mouthguard Clinic – 4 Days Left!!

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Please call to book your appointment, time is running out and the clinic is filling up fast!

Let teammates and friends know about the clinic – forward this email.

Custom fitted mouthguards (for all sports) may prevent costly restorative dentistry, which can result in dramatic dental bills over the patient’s lifetime.  Just remember that a broken bone will heal, but a broken tooth never does.  More important even than jaw and tooth injury is the concussion prevention aspect of the mouthguard.  We all know of professional players who have succumbed to this problem.  Body checking is accepted at an even younger age so it only makes sense to make a mouthguard a standard piece of hockey equipment.

I am happy to offer these custom fitted mouthguards for a fee of $30.00, during clinic time.  The usual fee for this is over $150.00, which provides a saving of $100.00.  I wish to offer these low prices in order to provide more people with the opportunity for the best protection.

The procedure requires a visit to my office to complete a medical history/consent form, take an impression and a return a few weeks later to pick up the mouthguard.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.

In order to best service those children undergoing orthodontic treatment (braces), please see your orthodontist for your mouthguard needs.



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