Porcelain CEREC fillings, crowns and composite resin.

Porcelain CEREC fillings/crowns

The tooth might be a candidate for a porcelain restoration, ultimate tooth-like appearance, longevity and convenient one-appointment visits. Sometimes when old silver mercury or plastic fillings break down, in order to restore the tooth back to complete function, a porcelain inlay, onlay, or crown is warranted. The larger the restoration, the stronger the material needed to restore it to function. A good rule of thumb is if the old filling is greater than one half the width of the tooth or if a cusp is involved, the tooth might be a candidate for a porcelain restoration. Porcelain is similar in strength to tooth enamel especially compared to composite resin (plastic), which is much weaker. Any root canal treated tooth should receive a crown. Think of a root canal as a very large filling down the roots of a tooth. The tooth becomes very brittle and prone to fracture when it has a root canal. Discuss your options with Dr. Brown and Associates.

A bonded porcelain onlay/inlay also has the advantage of reinforcing the tooth. It can also lessen or prevent crack propagation in a tooth with an old restoration. Cerec restorations have become one of our most popular procedures today.

Filling before after

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Porcelain Crown before after


Teeth that are very brittle following root canal therapy require a crown. Also, teeth with large, broken down restorations may also require crowns since they add strength to the tooth. Crowns appear very natural since the colour can be chosen to match your existing tooth shade. Some people choose to whiten their teeth first and then have a crown placed in the new shade. Crowns are prepared at the initial visit and then the impression is sent to a lab for fabrication. The patient wears a temporary crown until they return to insert the permanent crown. Depending on the case, some crowns can be made on our premises the same day. Discuss your options with Dr. Brown and Associates.

Composite Resin

This is a white plastic material used to restore teeth. It is easy to use and requires only one appointment. Although not as strong as porcelain, it is sometimes an option for replacing old worn out fillings or for filling decayed teeth. Discuss your options with Dr. Brown and Associates.

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