The House

My Dental Home has a wealth of history. The Sabiston family originally occupied it in 1885. Children were raised in the home and family life was celebrated within the bricks and mortar. After graduating from the University of Toronto in 1984, and associating in Scarborough, Dr. Kevin Brown decided to establish roots in Markham, by opening a dental office at a nearby plaza in 1985. It became apparent that he required more space in order to better serve the patients. He was thrilled to discover Sabiston Heritage House and devoted much time and effort to transform the historical building into a modern dental office while preserving the heritage appeal. Dr. Brown moved into My Dental Home in November 1998. The team also includes restorative hygienist, Ron Ventura as well as a host of friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated team members.

My Dental Home’s ambiance, friendly atmosphere and warm welcome is yours to enjoy
My Dental Home Building

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